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Amata NGD is specialized in distributing and supplying Natural Gas to industrial customers. Good practice, international standards, local rules and regulations are adopted to guarantee a safe and reliable supply.

Amata NGD constructs and operates its own pipeline distribution network to assure its secure and environmental friendly operations.

Moreover, our sales team and engineers provide our customers with the professional support they need, ranging from industrial applications over Co-generation up to Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) etc.

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Distribution and Supplying Natural Gas

Construct and Operate Pipeline Distribution Network

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Natural Gas is a hydrocarbon, a compound of hydrogen and carbon, formed by the decomposition of vast numbers of microscopic plants and animals millions of years ago. Broken down by heat and pressure of overlying rock, these organisms were transformed into oil and gas and stored in cavities beneath the surface of the earth.

On the earth’s surface and in the earth’s atmosphere, Natural Gas exists in a gaseous state. In underground deposits, Natural Gas consists of one or many hydrocarbons, normally a combination of methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane and other heavier gases. The components and proportions depend on the conditions of the source where Natural Gas is found. In most cases, 70 % or more of the Natural Gas consists of methane, though other gases present may include carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nitrogen (N2).

Due to its gaseous characteristic, Natural Gas is mostly supplied through a pipeline system.

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Mr. Pattana Nomjitjiam

Managing Director
Mr.Viroj Khositsakul
Engineering department manager
Mr.Smattachai Penroj
marketing and sales department manager
Mrs.Pensri Pharnusopon
corporate support department manager
Mr.Viwat Antipkul
planning and business development department manager

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